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MTN Support Options

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Learn about the MTN support options and how to get help.

In-App Help

MTN In-app Help

Besides having the simplicity in mind, MTN Web Store App also has context sensitive in-app help to ensure the users are able to get the most out of the specific features. Those in-app helps are not only helping you get the job done but also giving you some of the most valuable tips in digital marketing. Although our goal is to bring the power of digital marketing back to the non-technical users, that doesn't mean we also want to leave them knowing nothing about digital marketing. Therefore, as you study through the in-app helps, you may be able to become a very proficient digital marketer if not an expert -- no joke!

User Guides

MTN Web Store App Homepage

In fact, the in-app helps are more comprehensive than the user guides, but if you need a simple step-by-step guide, then the MTN User Guides is for you. This user guide is accessible through the in-app menu as shown in the screenshot. The menu is accessible anywhere inside the MTN Web Store App.


MTN Web Store App Homepage

Our in-app helps and user guides are great resources to help you get the job done, but if you want to find out more about the management and philosophical aspects of our design, our MTN Blog Site is the right place for you. From there, not only you can keep yourselves up-to-date about the progress of our development, you can also learn the purpose behind each design of our app and web store. Ones should have great purpose behind their creations, don't you think so?

Contact Us

Contacting us directly for support should always be the last option because:

  1. We're independent solopreneur who have limited manpower to support.
  2. We always encourage self-help and self-learning, especially when vast amount of information has been made available to everyone on the internet for free. Our in-app helps and user guides have also been built for this purpose.
  3. To force the non-technical business communities to equip themselves with necessary technical skills for higher adaptability and sustainability in the future tech-driven economy.

However, when comes to critical problems such as online payment failures, please do not hesitate to contact us at Not to say we only care about money but we do not want our users to incur monetary losses due to our program bugs.

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