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Free Online Marketplace in Malaysia

How to get listed for free

MTN Web Store offers a free online marketplace for all businesses in Malaysia when you subscribe to our CloudWorms digital marketing services. The table below shows the benefits of your CloudWorms PDF Viewer contents that fall into different categories.

CloudWorms PDF Viewer's Category/Subcategory Categories
Benefits Training & E-Learning Related Train-ing HR & Job Related HR Other Categories Other
Your content image banner and title will be displayed on MTN Web Store as a link to its full details in a form CloudWorms PDF Viewer at no extra charge. Yes Yes Yes
Have a chance to be periodically chosen by MTN moderator to promote your Web Store Profile Page on MTN social media networks with no charges. Yes Yes Yes
Have a chance to be randomly chosen by MTN moderator to promote your CloudWorms PDF Viewers on MTN social media networks with no extra charges. Yes Yes No
Also enjoy free listing on MTN Training Marketplace when its integration with MTN Web Store is ready. Yes No No
Your content will be discoverable by MTN Web Store's visitors and search engines. Yes Yes Yes
All leads and inquiries that you've gained from MTN Web Store are free of charge. MTN does not request for any commissions out of any sales that you've closed from the leads generated. Yes Yes Yes
You'll only be charged for Cost Per Unqiue Page View (UPV) when your listing is viewed by the visitors in full detail in a form of CloudWorms PDF Viewer or Web Store Profile. Repeat viewing on the same page by the same user in the same user session will not be charged. (see Pricing) Yes Yes Yes
You can also copy the link of your CloudWorms PDF Viewers or Web Store Profile to be used for your own digital marketing campaigns, e.g. social media postings, email marketing, site contents etc. Yes Yes Yes
You can also add more content values to your website or blog site and generate leads by copying the embed code of your CloudWorms PDF Viewers via the free MTN Web Store App and paste it on your website or blog site. Yes Yes Yes
You can also make use of CloudWorms PDF Viewer's custom call-to-action button to be a source of backlink to your website to drive traffic and improve the SEO ranking of your site. Yes Yes Yes


Your CloudWorms PDF Viewers will be eligible to be listed on MTN Web Store for free under the following conditions:

  1. Your MTN account and CloudWorms PDF Viewer subscription status are active.
  2. Only published CloudWorms PDF Viewers will be listed.
  3. Your contents are compliance to the MTN Content Submission Guidelines.
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