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What is CloudWorms?
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CloudWorms Pricing

Not just an affordable pricing but also helps to reduce your IT department dependency while increasing the ROI of your PDF marketing materials.

* Pricing may vary and USD currency will be used for account owners outside Malaysia.

Description Price*
Cost Per Unique Pageview (UPV)

UPV means repeat viewing on the same page in the same user session will not be charged. Even when a visitor keeps refreshing your CloudWorms PDF Viewer, it will still be counted as ONE (1) UPV.

Minimum Top-up Prepaid Cost

New account will always be given some free trial credits to start-up. Top-up only based on this amount when you think CloudWorms is worth continuing. The unused credit balance can always be carried forward to the following month. All prepaid payments are not refundable.

Features Included
  • Create and manage CloudWorms PDF Viewers
  • User-defined logo image, social share banner image, post title, and post description
  • User-defined call-to-action link button to your own online form, buy now page etc.
  • Discoverable by Google and other search engines (SEO Friendly)
  • Download PDF button
  • Copy and share PDF Viewer's URL
  • Embed thumbnail size PDF Viewer on your website
  • Support direct links from self-hosted PDF files
  • Support public shared links from Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive
  • CloudWorms performance and usage reports, daily and monthly
  • Online Payment with Credit/Debit Card via PayPal gateway. Users do not need a PayPal account.
  • Track payment history and download payment receipts in PDF format.

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