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Turn your PDFs into powerful digital marketing tools

Are you having so many high quality PDF marketing brochures just to use them for email marketing? What do you say if we can make them searchable for search engines and shareable on social media posts with your custom image banner?

CloudWorms PDF Viewer is a PDF content marketing tool developed by OTK Web Solutions®. It helps to turn your PDF files into powerful digital marketing marterials for SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing. It allows you to effectively share your PDF files on Facebook and many other social media networks with your own eye-catching custom image banner, post title, and description. It is also SEO-Enabled, allowing your PDF files to be easily discoverable by Google and other search engines. You can also specify your own custom Call-to-Action Button that leads your audiences to a specific web page for greater conversion, e.g. your Contact Form, Enrolment Form, or PayPal® Buy-Now link. With CloudWorms PDF Viewers, selling online has never been that easy before with just the PDF files!

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