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What is MTN Web Store App?
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MTN Web Store App

What is MTN Web Store App?

  • A free browser app for all MTN users
  • No installation required
  • Turn your PDFs into CloudWorms PDF Viewers
  • Publish your Web Store & CloudWorms PDF Viewers on MTN Web Store
  • Manage and prioritize all your incoming business inquiries
  • Perform real-time private business chat with your customers
  • Check your account usage and performance reports
  • Perform online payments
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Brings the power of digital marketing back to the non-technical business professionals

MTN Web Store App is a free web application developed by OTK Web Solutions®, Malaysia. It is for non-technical business owners and professionals to run and manage their digital marketing campaigns with just the PDf files — whether inside or outside of MTN Web Store, in a more cost effective and productive way. It helps to diversify the usage of your PDF marketing brochures, capitalize them for greater marketing purposes, which in return helps to increase the ROI and reduce the cost of producing them.

Experience the real-time chat and social features

MTN Web Store App offers a set of real-time private business chat and social networking features, making it an ideal B2M business collaboration platform for the needs of your customer relationship management. This includes social follow, social alerts, and TO-DO list management. You can perform a quick chat with your customers once the inquiry is received at the same time refer to the content of the inquiry without going back to your email app and search for it. The TO-DO list helps to prioritize your incoming business leads and manage them in a more efficient way in assisting you to close more deals.


Is MTN Web Store App FREE?
Yes, but traffic usage on CloudWorms PDF Viewers may still apply. There is no charges in using MTN Web Store App, including when previewing and publishing the PDF viewers until they're viewed by the visitors. You can create a free account here.
What's the relationship between MTN Web Store App and CloudWorms PDF Viewer?
MTN Web Store App is a web application used to create, edit, and manage CloudWorms PDF Viewers; whereas CloudWorms PDF Viewer is a digital marketing material created by the users using MTN Web Store App. Once published, it can be used by the users inside and outside of MTN Web Store to market and promote their products and services. CloudWorms PDF Viewer is also a base unit of MTN online business model being used to measure the usage costs and performance.
What's the relationship between MTN Web Store and MTN Web Store App?
MTN Web Store is a public accessible marketplace where all the CloudWorms PDF Viewers created and published by MTN Web Store App are be listed here. MTN Web Store does not require user login whereas the app requires a MTN account to be created and signed in.
Is MTN Web Store another kind of Shopee and Lazada e-commerce online shopping website?
No, MTN Web Store is essentially a B2B corporate web store where it may include intangible business solutions such as professional training, consultation services, digital marketing services, business ideas and so on. It may also include job opportunities that some corporations may be able to offer. However, we won't stop our users from putting their online payment page URL or Buy-Now link as their custom call-to-action button so long their PDF contents meet our Content Submission Guidelines.
Is MTN Web Store App a replacement to the old I'MTP Service Centre?
Yes, it is. I'MTP Service Centre has been discontinued since 2019.
What are the major differences between MTN Web Store App and the old I'MTP Service Centre?
Below are the major differences:
  1. MTN Web Store App is fully automated to enable user self-service capability for a larger user population, whereas I'MTP Service Centre was just a place for I'MTP members to submit their work orders for manual services by the I'MTP support personnel.
  2. MTN Web Store App is a true web application with its own backend database whereas I'MTP Service Centre is just a blog site attached with several sets of online forms.
  3. MTN Web Store App runs on the paid Google Cloud Platform whereas I'MTP Service Centre was running on Google Blogger (which is free but full of limitation and isn't meant to act as an app development platform).
Is MTN Web Store App for training providers only?
No, it is for ALL business marketers in ALL industries. See Free Listing for more information.
What are the system requirements for MTN Web Store App?
MTN Web Store App supports all modern web browsers with the latest update, but it may not run well on Safari. Currently it does not support small screen device such as smartphone. However, the CloudWorms PDF Viewers created by the app support all screen sizes because CloudWorms PDF Viewer is meant to be a marketing material that is capable of supporting wider audiences.
Do I need a PayPal® account in order to make my CloudWorms top-up payment on MTN Web Store App?
No, you do not need a PayPal account except a credit card or debit card recognized and supported by PayPal.
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