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Patronage International Sdn Bhd Web Store

Visit Patronage International Sdn Bhd web store for their company profile and find out what they can offer for your business needs. Sign-up here and build your own B2B corporate web store for free!

Patronage International Sdn Bhd

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About us

Patronage International Sdn Bhd is a professional training and consulting company focusing on human capital development and organizational excellence, we work on details to develop sustainable human capital for our clients. We understand the importance of being meticulous and our focus on details is unparalleled when it comes to human capital development. We are an established training company with excellent track record for customer satisfaction. We are made up of a team of dynamic professionals dedicated and passionate about delivering quality training. We bring together a pool of highly qualified and experienced trainers with years of collective training and coaching experience that proves to be extremely valuable. We are globally connected training company with track record of delivering training programs in Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, India, Pakistan, Oman, Qatar, UAE and Sri Lanka. At Patronage International, we help our clients to achieve their aspirations by refining the quality of our training and consultancy services. We have refined our services and strengthen our solutions to focus on improving the performance and productivity of individuals and organizations. All our training programs are customized according to our client’s training needs to ensure their training objectives are met. In our drive to attain excellence, we brings on collective force that pieces things together, paving the way for a brighter future for individuals and companies.

What we do

Health & Safety Courses

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Emergency Response Planning Workshop

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