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Visit OTK Web Solutions web store for their company profile and find out what they can offer for your business needs. Sign-up here and build your own B2B corporate web store for free!

OTK Web Solutions

Expressing Conscience through Business
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Penang, Malaysia Email

About us

In fact, OTK Web Solutions was founded by Antonio Ooi on 12 Feb 2001, but that was just for the purpose of his contract job offered by Hicom Network Services Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of DRB-Hicom Group. After that, other than using the same company name for his attempts to sell his own software development components online, OTK Web Solutions had not been active until 11 Nov 2011 -- this is the moment when he started to get serious on his own online business and began to develop (aka. MTN, Malaysia Training Network). Therefore, we rather put 11 Nov 2011 as the establishment date than 12 Feb 2001, where the latter is the actual registration date of OTK Web Solutions. Before, the founder used to be the co-founder of an IT training company called Multidimension Training & Consulting. At that moment, he realized that many traditional ad marketing strategies were not only costly but also not effective. He found that so much money has been wasted without being able to measure the cost-effectiveness of such strategies. After trying out a few free online postings over the internet, he received a lot of incoming inquiries and business leads. Since then, in order to satisfy his own curiosity, he began to do his own R&D on internet marketing and discovered the beauty of Search Engine Optimization, i.e. SEO. In the year 2010, he started to build a website for his own training company, Multidimension, and applied his own SEO skills on this website. That was a remarkable success because during that generation, not many people know about SEO -- at least locally in Malaysia. As he started to propose to his partner for a full exploitation of SEO, that was a bit too late because his partner had lost his faith in Multidimension. After closing down the business, he started to build MTN in order to prove himself with SEO and he did it! Unfortunately, in the year 2019, an unexpected economic tsunami happened, that was the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been severely affecting the training business even until the present day. As almost all of our clients did not ready for the online training model, the revenue of MTN has dropped to zero almost every month. Due to this reason, we relized that in business, DIVERSITY equals to SUSTAINABILITY. MTN can no longer focus only on training but other industries as well. Even though the pandemic will be over and more training businesses will be going online, it's always better to expect for the unexpected. Hence, we believe that the ground up development of MTN Web Store will not go in vain and worth the effort. We also believe that every business, from small to large, will not only require their own Online Web Store to be more sustainable in the fast growing internet economy, they also need to diversify their business model to be industrial disaster-proof and we believe MTN Web Store can help every business to achieve that, like the way we help ourselves with MTN Web Store!

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